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what is home staging?

Home staging isn’t a new trend, but has been more prominent in recent years, primarily due to the popularity of shows on networks such as DIY and HGTV.  Home staging is a specific skill used to market a home in such a way that potential buyers can envision themselves living there. 

Isn't home staging just decorating?

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Jennifer Weems

No, home staging is actually UNDECORATING.  What? That's right, my job is to strategically edit and depersonalize your home in order for it to appeal to a broader audience.  Your home maybe lovely and even professionally decorated, but what we may think is wonderful about our homes may be very taste-specific to potential buyers. Home stagers help potential buyers see your home in a fresh light!

Why would I need a home stager?

Studies show that staged homes sell in a quarter of the time and for at least 15% more than similar unstaged homes. Currently, there are only four accredited home staging courses in the United States. Home stagers are trained to use the skills they've acquired to arrange a home ins such a way that makes it appear larger, more competitive, accentuate the positives, and downplay the negatives.

What about Real Estate Agents?

Often real estate agents work in tandem with home stagers. They partner together because their goal is to make your house competitive to sell! I just happen to be a REALTOR® who is also a Psychological Staging Expert™.  If you are already working with a real estate agent, I can still help. I won't be in competition with your agent. I'll be on the team! But if you need both, I can do both! You can learn more about me here.  

But wait! there's more!

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In addition to being an Expert Psychological Stager™, I'm also a certified Psychological Color Expert™. What does that mean? It means I can also help you choose paint colors for your home if you are are trying to sell it or if you need to change the look or make corrections.  Choosing the right colors and how/where they are placed and in what finish can make a tremendous impact on a home!

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