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Jennifer Weems, Hot Springs Arkansas Realtor and Home Stager

What is Home Staging

Istn' Home Staging Just Decorating?

No, home staging is actually UNDECORATING.  What? That's right, my job is to strategically edit and depersonalize your home in order for it to appeal to a broader audience.  Your home maybe lovely and even professionally decorated, but what we may think is wonderful about our homes may be very taste-specific to potential buyers. Home stagers help potential buyers see your home in a fresh light!

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Can Anyone's Home be Staged?

The main part of home staging is to make sure your home is clean, depersonalized, and decluttered.  We can focus on curb appeal and making sure it looks and smells fresh. Light and airy sells a home!

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Is there a Cost?

It's part of my service to my sellers.  I enjoy doing and it's one of the things that sets me apart from other agents.

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Why Would I need A Home Stager?

Studies show that staged homes sell in a quarter of the time and for at least 15% more than similar unstaged homes. Currently, there are only four accredited home staging courses in the United States. Home stagers are trained to use the skills they've acquired to arrange a home ins such a way that makes it appear larger, more competitive, accentuate the positives, and downplay the negatives.

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I'm Not Sure How to Arrange My Furniture

I can help with that.  My goal is help position your furniture and accessories in such a way that looks great in professional marketing photos and in person. 

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I'm Not Sure Where To Start

Don't start! That's what I'm here for to help you get a plan in place.  Need paint advice? I'm also a certified Psychological Color Expert™ Choosing the right colors can have a tremendous impact on a home!

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