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Colors: What You Do in Your Home is Your Business

When it comes to colors you choose for your home, that's your business. When you want me to sell your home, then it becomes my business.

I won't tell you what the color of this room was before, but it interrupted the flow of the home and would not have photographed well. The rest of the home was this soft sage green, which was appropriate for this historic Craftsman style home. I asked the seller if she would consider painting this room the same color as the rest of the home. She agreed, and what a difference it made. The previous color would have distracted from the beautiful trim and architectural features of the Craftsman style space. Those architectural elements really shine in this MLS photo.

I'm a real estate agent who is also a certified Expert Psychological Stager™ and a Psychological Color Expert™. If you are in the Jackson, Tennessee area, I'd love to help you with your home.

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