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Home Staging: It's in the Details

I remember how shocked and relieved I was when I learned that those homes in magazines weren't as perfect as they seemed. Even the fanciest homes still have things like cords that show, televisions, appliances. But you'd never know it because those magazine photographers and stylists come in and hide and rearrange the things that don't look perfect. People like to look at home magazines to see an ideal lifestyle.

The same applies to people who are looking to buy a home. That's where I come in as an Expert Psychological Stager™and a real estate agent. I'm there to give my sellers the edge when it comes to marketing their homes for real estate photos.

Here's a room I did which was a guest bedroom that was being used as a man cave. It's not bad. It's just not ready for photos.

See what a difference tucking away the cords make? And straightening up the blinds so they aren't a distraction.

If you are in the Jackson, Tennessee area I'd love to help you market your home to get it sold!

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