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Home Staging: You're Not a Tree. You Can Move.

You're not a tree. You can move. Have you ever heard that saying before? Well, you can apply that to home staging. Just because the furniture is set up a certain way for the current owners, doesn't mean it's going to look picture-perfect for real estate photos.

These sellers had one of the most immaculate houses I've sold. You could probably eat off the floors, and they kept things neat and tidy. They were willing to have their home staged, so this was one of the tweaks we made.

This room actually had two couches in it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and the second couch worked for the sellers. But man, it made it hard to photograph for real estate marketing. So we removed the second couch.

When you live in your home, it's hard to see beyond what you are used to because what you are used to works for you. That's why it's great to have a professional set of eyes who is trained to look at it through the lens of what a buyer wants.

I'm a real estate agent and a certified Expert Psychological Stager™. If' you are in the Jackson, Tennessee area I'd love to help you sell your home.

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