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Why Home Staging Can Only Go so Far

As I've told you before, I'm a real estate agent first, and a home stager second. The home staging part will get buyers to look online and want to come see the home in person. The home staging part will help folks envision themselves living there and hopefully put an offer in on the house.

But there are somethings that good home staging can't overcome - and that's home maintenance. in my experience, the big ticket items are the deal breakers: the roof, the HVAC, and the foundation/crawlspace.

These are issues that sellers really need to pay attention to before they list their home. I always recommend a mini pre-home inspection to my seller clients. Nobody wants the deal to fall through over unexpected, expensive repairs. Selling a home can be an emotional and stressful time; don't add the pressure of making quick decisions while you are under contractual timelines. If you will check into the maintenance of your home before you list it, you then have the greater advantage of time to see if there are repairs you can do yourself, get estimates from more than one source so you can evaluate price, and get people on the schedule to repair things ahead of time.

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