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Are you ready to sell your home? At this point either you or your real estate agent will have reached out to me to set up a consultation. Here's what you can expect:


  • We will talk about your real estate goals, and I will gather information about the home. You will get to play tour guide!

  • After our tour, I will go back through the home, make notes, and take lots of photos. 

  • I'll give you some general recommendations and thoughts about my initial walkthrough. 

  • At this point, I will go back to my office and devise a detailed plan for your project. 

  • This plan will address: 

    • Recommendations for each room to get it "photo-ready"​

    • Recommendations for visible repairs that may need to be addressed

    • Paint recommendations if necessary

    • Instructions for decluttering and depersonalizing

    • Addressing the exterior elements and curb appeal

    • An estimate of time needed to stage with my assistant

Please allow 1-2 hours for the consultation. 

My consultation fees are as follows:

  • This is a complimentary service I provide to my real estate clients with whom I have a Listing Agreement. 

  • $150 for clients who are working with real estate agents or are For Sale by Owner

Home staging

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By now you have read your consultation report and at this point you've decided to have your home staged. Congratulations! Your home will look amazing and will "wow" buyers with the fabulous photographs of your refreshed, staged home!

You will have addressed any maintenance and repairs before the staging. And if you decided to paint your interiors in my neutral paint color recommendations, this should also be completed before staging. 

After you have complete your "homework", my assistant and I will be ready to start staging your home. I will use staging strategies to make your rooms appear larger, make your home competitive, downplay in a negative features, and draw attention to the positive features. 

I will focus on the most important rooms in the home. Note: you are not obligated to stage every room, but we can try to optimize every room and space. 

I may need to bring in some of my own props and accessories such as lamps, artwork, on-trend neutral bedding. and accessories.  These items are included in the price and will be available for the photos.

Any soft goods like, pillows, bedding, drapes, towels etc. will be removed after the photos are taken. 


I will not bring in large furniture. We can discuss renting that if it is absolutely necessary. But most times we can get by with what is already available in the home. 

Staging is done by the hour. and this includes my props and an assistant to help me. 

These fees are for For Sale by Owner and referrals from other real estate agents. If I am your real estate agent/we have a Listing Agreement, these additional staging services are part of my services unless it it will take over 2 hours; after 2 hours, you will be charged the normal rate as stated below. 

  • $75/hour

  • $50 for a de-staging fee


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